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I’m Ahmed Ammar, A Software Engineer who loves PHP and Laravel.

Hi everyone 👋

I’ve been in web development for over 8 years. I love PHP and Laravel. but I’ve already worked with several languages throughout my career like Go, Java, Python, and Ruby. besides my work. I love contributing to opensource. my contributions are distributed in several well-known projects in the PHP world.

Side Projects


  • Sentimento Laravel package that provides sentiment analysis capabilities using OpenAI’s GPT to easily analyze text-based data and gain insight into the underlying sentiment.
  • Image Restoration Laravel uses Replicate’s Image Restoration model to restore and enhance images.
  • Laravel Facebook Poster This package makes it easy to post to Facebook using Laravel notification channels.
  • Ratelimit is a Rate limiter written in Go that has been used in a high traffic distributed production service with up to +18k RPM.
  • Deep Symbols a Neovim plugin provides a better alternative to LSP document symbols.

Sharing knowledge

  • From time to time I love sharing my tech knowledge. so you can find my articles on
  • I’ve my youtube channel where I talk about advanced PHP and Laravel stuff


For work-related stuff feel free to contact me on Twitter or Linkedin